Award Recipients


The Chamber is proud to honor distinguished citizens every year at our Annual Banquet. In 2016, the Chamber honored Libby Lawrence with Libby Air Conditioning, Business Person of the Year; Emily Stoma, Humanitarian of the Year; Addison Green, Crowley High School Outstanding Young Citizen; Sybil Duncan, Notre Dame High School Outstanding Young Citizen; and Caleb King, Northside Christian School Outstanding Young Citizen.  Thanks to all who attended and became part of this great event!


Guidelines for Humanitarian of the Year

Guidelines for Business Person of the Year

If you would like to nominate someone for either Humanitarian of the Year or Business Person of the Year, please email us or call the office at 337-788-0177.

Humanitarian of the Year

1986-1987-Oscar Johnson
1987-1988-Bonnie Martirne
1988-1989-Roy Kibodeaux
1989-1990-Dorothy McNeely
1990-1991-Maude Black
1991-1992-Al & Thelma Chappuis
1992-1993-Agnes Thibodeaux
1993-1994-Helen Aaron
1994-1995-J.W. Landry, Sr.
1995-1996-Virginia Ruddock
1996-1997-Deborah Dore
1997-1998-Michael McBride
1998-1999-B.I. Moody, III
1999-2000-Joseph Andrus & Alida Gall
2000-2001-Georgie Petitjean
2001-2002-Earl G. Romero
2002-2003-Marlene LeBouef
2003-2004-Lee Perry Roy
2004-2005-Don Gautreaux
2005-2006-Samuel Reggie, Sr.
2006-2007-Larry Guidry, Sr.
2007-2008-Joseph W. Freeland
2008-2009-Ann Mire
2009-2010-Judge M’elise Trahan
2010-2011- Mary Zaunbrecher
2011-2012- Deacon Rodless Leleux
2012-2013- Dr. Thomas L. ‘Bo’ McNeely
2013-2014 – Margaret ‘Peggy’ Sandidge
2014-2015- Audry B. Spencer
2015-2016- Emily Stoma

Business Person/ Business of the Year

1993-1994-Jules Mariast
1994-1995-Don Shetler
1995-1996-S.L. Wright III
1996-1997-Alice Whiting
1997-1998-John Dan Gielen & LJ Gielen
1998-1999-Ray Hensgens
1999-2000-Johnny, Joe, Chris, & Bill John
2000-2001-Ted & Judy Carmichael
2001-2002-Norma LaGrange Weekley
2002-2003-David John & Peter John
2003-2004-Chris Brammer
2004-2005-Roy Geesey
2005-2006-Pat Bordes, II
2006-2007-Edmund L. Habetz
2007-2008-Mike Francis
2008-2009-John W. Sarver
2009-2010-Jude Sittig
2010-2011- Mark Cullen
2011-2012- Falcon Rice Mill
2012-2013- Donna S. Corley
2013-2014 – Michael McBride
2014-2015- Dugas, Soileau & Breaux CPA Firm
2015-2016- Lawrence Libby Sr.

Outstanding Young Citizens

1986-1987-Connie Meche & Christine Boudreaux
1987-1988-Saja Hoffpauir & Mark Broussard
1988-1989-Sieu Phi Truong & Juliette Stefanski
1989-1990-Alyson Habetz & Stacy Henderson
1990-1991-Jason Boudreaux & Sonhui Chung
1991-1992-Monica Henry & Daniel Gardiner, Jr.
1992-1993-Laurie Myers & Karen Chisholm
1993-1994-Jill Habetz & Jamie Martin
1994-1995-Debra Cifreo & Jerod Sinclair
1995-1996-Rachel Gossen & William Broussard
1996-1997-Brandy Campbell & Maxie Trahan
1997-1998-Virgina Stutes & Seth Zaunbrecher
1998-1999-Adam Foreman & Allison Boulet
1999-2000-Kacie Gatte & Moncia Bellard
2000-2001-Greg Dupuis, Kevin Johnson & Aaron Sinclair
2001-2002-Brett Trahan, Cassie Runner & Matthew Monceaux
2002-2003-Ramona Tezeno, Kristina Trahan & Kristel Groth
2003-2004-Christa Sellers, Jennifer LeBleu & Allison Dupuis
2004-2005-David Mire, Anna Brooke Trahan & Russ Freeland
2005-2006-Amanda Hanks, Laura Hanks & Brian Primeaux
2006-2007-Katherine Miller, Victoria Zaunbrecher & Blandon David
2007-2008-Kelley Nelson, Katy Newsom & Adrienne Trahan
2008-2009-Katie Menard, Lynsey Reed & Wynona Spell
2009-10-Mandy Burke, Elizabeth Gielen & Megan Romero
2010-2011- Adrian LeJeune, Caitlin Clayton & Elizabeth Burleigh
2011-2012- Kylie Garber, Lance Leblanc & Kyle Primeaux
2012-2013- Brittany Hulin, Nicholas Heber & Joshua Doucet
2013-2014 – Leighton Killmer, Dylan King & Laura Schmid
2014-2015- Alex Domingue, Abigail Howie & Hunter Lambert
2015-2016- Addison Green, Caleb King & Sybil Duncan