Chamber Committees

In order to receive more input from Chamber members, the Board has revitalized the committee structure. Each Board member has taken on the role of Chairperson or Co-Chairperson of a Chamber Committee. The general membership is encouraged to participate in at least one committee or event.

Legislative Committee Chairperson: John Stefanksi

The Legislative Committee plans and executes forums for elections. While the Chamber does not support any individual candidate in any race, they do support issues which are for the good of our businesses. In addition, the Committee seeks to inform the membership about current legislation which may affect businesses in our area. The committee maintains dialog with our elected officials in an effort to assist educated decision making as a part of the political process.

Education Committee Chairperson: Trenton Leonards, Co-Chairpersons: Heather Harper and Lee Lawrence

The Education Committee seeks to improve communication with local educational leaders to remain informed of the issues and encourage improved outcomes with the ultimate goal of well-trained workforce for our business community.

Membership Committee Chairperson: Melinda Malmay, Co-Chairpersons: Jill Habetz, Lee Lawrence, Jeremy Patin & Kevin Spell

The Membership Committee continues to evaluate and improve the benefits of Chamber membership, as well as leading new member recruitment.


Event Committees:

Farmers’ Appreciation Dinner Committee
Chairperson: Lee Lawrence, Co-Chairperson: Jill Habetz

Golf Classic Committee
Chairperson: Kevin Spell, Co-Chairperson: Heather Harper

Gumbo Cook-off Committee
Chairperson: Trenton Leonards, Co-Chairperson: Melinda Malmay

Annual Banquet Committee
Chairperson: Cindy Miller, Co-Chairpersons: Jill Habetz and Melinda Malmay

Email the Chamber and sign up for a committee.