Chamber Ca$h Program

Since 1989, the Crowley Chamber of Commerce has administered the Chamber Ca$h Program, which is a gift certificate program which encourages recipients to shop locally. Businesses as well as individuals may purchase Chamber Ca$h from the Chamber office in $5 denominations to be given as gifts, bonuses or as part of an incentive program. There is no surcharge for the certificates. Participating Chamber members may accept Chamber Ca$h just as they would their own gift certificate. Businesses may then redeem the certificates at the Chamber office. In the spirit of regional cooperation, the reciprocal agreement between the Crowley and Rayne Chambers of Commerce continues. Chamber member businesses of both communities who provide goods or services will be able to accept Chamber Ca$h issued by the Crowley and Rayne Chambers.

Approximately $75,000 is circulated annually through the Chamber Ca$h program.

Participating Chamber Ca$h Merchants

Participating members of the Rayne Chamber Ca$h program will also accept Crowley Chamber of Commerce Chamber Ca$h.