Business Licenses & Permits

All permits are issued by the City of Crowley Code Enforcement Departments.  For assistance with permit and application information, contact Crowley City Hall, 337-783-0824.

Building Permit Online Forms

Crowley’s Historic District Review Procedures and Applications
Information regarding renovations, restorations, demolition or new structures lying within the Downtown Historic District.

Plumbing Code
Title 51. Public Health Sanitary Code. Part XIV Plumbing

Building Permit Fees
Building permit fees for the construction or alteration of a building or structure based on cost of project.

Code Enforcement Permit Fees
Includes electrical, excavations, flood evaluations, demolitions, and more.

Business Permit Online Forms

Occupational License Requirements
Please read these instructions before applying for an Occupational License with the City of Crowley.

Occupational License Application
License required to operate a business in the City of Crowley

Occupational License Application Instructions
Please review these instructions to fill out the City of Crowley Occupational License application form.

Occupational License Tax Table
Annual license fees based on gross sales

Annual Chain Store Tax Report
Sales and Occupational License Tax Division, Annual report require for businesses operating more than one store in the City of Crowley.

Retail Beer and Liquor Permit Requirements
Requirements for new and renewal of Beer and Liquor Permits applications

Retail Beer & Liquor Permit (Renewal)
Annual application for RENEWAL of beer and liquor permit required for businesses selling beer and/or alcohol.

Zoning Issues

Zoning Variance Process
How to obtain a zoning variance and the documentation requirements.

Zoning Variance Application

Official City of Crowley Zoning Map
Updated February 2012